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Necessary Preventative Maintenance for Your Coos Bay Rental Home

Necessary Preventative Maintenance for Your Coos Bay Rental Home

Your Coos Bay rental property will need your attention when it comes to maintenance. The amount of maintenance you need to provide will depend on the age of the home and its condition. If it’s a multi-family unit in a building that gets routine maintenance, you’ll have a different experience than when you’re renting out a single-family home. 

You need a plan. 

Included in that plan should be a list of preventative maintenance items that are necessary. 

General wear and tear on a rental property is natural and expected, and you’ll find that tenants are likely to call for help with leaks, broken doors and screens, clogged garbage disposals, and other necessary repairs and replacements. 

Respond to those routine requests right away. Be proactive and responsive. And, think ahead. Implement some preventative maintenance practices. Avoiding major and unexpected repair costs is essential to your return on investment (ROI) and the health and safety of your rental property. 

This is an investment property, and you want to preserve its condition and value.  

As professional Coos Bay property managers, we always recommend that owners make preventative maintenance a priority when renting out a property. This is where we focus on the homes we manage and maintain. Good property managers will understand the importance of preserving the value of your property. They’ll also help you avoid those major repairs that can seriously damage your ROI. Here’s why preventative maintenance is important, and what you should be implementing right away.

Limiting Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs cost more than routine repairs. And, the best way to limit the number of emergency repairs you’re called to make is by implementing a sound preventative maintenance plan. This will protect the value of your asset and extend the lifespan of your most expensive home systems and appliances. 

Preventative maintenance allows you to catch problems while they’re still small. It’s a good way for rental property owners to keep costs down and to preserve the condition of their investments. 

We know that maintenance costs are rising, and one good way to get out ahead of those climbing costs is with a preventative maintenance plan. You’ll save money on emergencies, increase tenant retention, and preserve the condition of your Coos Bay investment property.

Train and Educate your Tenants on Preventative Maintenance

Protecting the condition of your property takes a combined effort from owners, tenants, and property managers. Make sure your residents know you want all maintenance issues reported right away. Don’t let any repairs get deferred or unreported.

This is a good opportunity to explain the partnership you want with your tenants. Some tenants will put off making repair requests. They won’t want to bother you or they won’t think it’s a big deal. 

It’s always a big deal. 

This should be part of your conversation with tenants before they move in. Let them know what your expectations are around maintenance and maintenance requests. Be sure they understand the importance of making timely repair requests, and help them to see the value in sharing even minor concerns. 

Review their own responsibilities as well. Make sure they understand how frequently you want the air filters changed. Talk about cleanliness and pest control. Your tenants can be expected to participate in maintaining your property. 

Inspect and Service Your HVAC System 

Our climate in Oregon isn’t as extreme as it might be in Texas or Florida. However, we do run into some very cold winter days. We get some rain. It can get uncomfortably hot in the summer. 

You never really know. 

Your tenants need to have heat working reliably all winter long. If you rent out a property with air conditioning, you’ll want to be sure that functions well, too. Indoor air quality is important and so is energy efficiency.

All of this indicates the need for a healthy HVAC system. Add it to your preventative maintenance checklist. 

By contracting with a local HVAC technician, you can have your unit inspected and serviced annually. This may cost a couple hundred dollars, but it will save you thousands on having to replace a furnace or an air conditioning unit prematurely.

Plumbing Problems in Coos Bay Rental Homes

Plumbing is almost always expensive, and you never want to worry about water damage. 

A dripping faucet or a toilet that’s flushing funny is easy to put off. Even if tenants make the request, you may not feel a real sense of urgency in getting to it. All sinks drip from time to time, right?

Maybe, but if you take a more preventative approach to those drips and leaks, you’ll save yourself a lot of money in the long term. You’ll also be more responsive to tenants and you’ll protect the integrity of your property. 

The longer you leave a leaking pipe, the bigger the plumbing emergency is likely to be in a week or a month. 

Don’t invite larger and more expensive disasters. Take care of plumbing issues right away. When your tenants report that something is wet, discolored, leaking, or dripping - get a plumber out there right away. When you’re inspecting the property during tenant turnovers, always check under sinks and behind toilets. Keep the caulking around tubs and tiles fresh.

Water problems left unattended can lead to rot and mold, which will only increase what you have to spend to make the necessary repairs and replacements. Always be proactive and preventative when it comes to water in your Coos Bay rental property.

Appliances: Should You Repair Them or Replace Them?

Appliances UpgradeUpgrading your appliances is a great way to attract better tenants, retain your current tenants, and increase your rental value

It’s also a good part of preventative maintenance. Instead of repairing the dishwasher or the refrigerator every time there’s a problem, know when to replace it instead. Energy efficient appliances are going to perform better than the older models, and you’ll have fewer repair calls from tenants. 

The best way to take care of preventative maintenance is by working with a Coos Bay property management company. We believe in prioritizing preventative maintenance, and it leads to a better rental experience for you and your tenants. 

Talk to us about what you expect and how we can help you maintain your investment. Contact our team at Oregon Bay Properties.