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Oregon Bay Properties, LLC (OBPM) is your premier source for property management on the Southern Oregon Coast. Locally owned and operated, we offer full-service leasing and property management services. OBPM create personalized solutions for renters, property owners, and investors to achieve their real estate goals.

OBPM's portfolio includes single-family homes, multi-unit buildings, lots and land, commercial and industrial properties, luxury properties, new constructions, and much more.

Look no further than Oregon Bay Properties, LLC. for your property management needs. As owners, we are proud to provide you with the personalized services and attention to detail that you deserve. Our goal is to provide a responsive and professional service for our clients and tenants alike. Ultimately we want you to know that we are always here should you need anything.

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Selling Vs. Renting: Pros & Cons of Renting or Selling Your Property

The progressive world stops for no one, and nor shall it, effective and timely decisions are what have led ordinary people to lead extraordinary lives. Current day economy has everyone struggling to make headway in order to be the most stable, even though we preach so often that money does not bring you happiness, it is foolish to ignore that it gr...
Selling Vs. Renting: Pros & Cons of Renting or Selling Your Property
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Renters insurance and why it is important

Have you ever pondered on what life would be like if you lost some or all of your electronics, gaming consoles, furniture, or the assortment of clothes in your wardrobe? Well, if you haven't, chances are you don't have renters insurance and perhaps have had little to do with it. We all wish for a blissful life with minimal damage to our tre...
Renters insurance and why it is important
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Seven Spring Maintenance Tips

We should do many things to a house that often goes overlooked. Springtime is the perfect time to tackle some of these items. Our office is working on a few of these items with tenants to mark off your rental's preventative maintenance checklist.1. Recalking around windows and doors.Caulking does dry out and loses elasticity over a short time. ...
Seven Spring Maintenance Tips
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Why Is My Property Still Vacant?

It is always my goal to rent properties as quickly as possible to qualified tenants. However, some circumstances can cause an owner to call and ask, "Why is my property still vacant?" when it appears that it should not be that difficult to rent the property.Of course, it is obvious to look at the rental market and review competition. Perh...
Why Is My Property Still Vacant?
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